Professional Indemnity insurance

I started a thread on ‘Linked in’ discussing why more garden designers do no not protect themselves with suitable Professional Indemnity Insurance.  Having posted this I have been extremely pleased with the response but thought it would be useful to explain to the public why it is worth checking your designers cover, and also the contractors insurance cover.

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

Professional indemnity insurance is insurance that covers businesses in the event that a third party claims that they have suffered a loss as a result of professional negligence.

This insurance should be a must for all professionals from Architects to Government agencies and any reputable design company should have appropriate cover.  Before signing a contract you should ask if the designer has such cover and if needed ask to see or have copy e-mailed to you.  Why?  Because this ensures you are protected as much as the designer providing peace of mind and it shows your designer is a professional that is ensuring you are covered should they make a mistake.

I have suggested more contractors should also ensure the designers they use are fully covered with such professional indemnity cover.  Why?  Because if there should be a dispute, the contractor can refer problem back to the designer.  If it is a design mistake they know they are covered through the designers Professional Indemnity insurance policy. Otherwise the contractor is open to taking more burden should anything arise as a result of such professional mistake.

External Designs has cover to the value of £250,000 which is sufficient cover for the domestic and small commercial work undertaken and can if needed increase the cover should a scheme justify the additional cover.

Even if you choose to use another designer, which we hope you won’t please check their insurance cover before signing any contract.

Likewise you should also check the insurance offered by the contractor which will include Public liability Insurance.

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