Daphne bholua ’Jacqueline Postill’

This plant is growing well in my garden in a semi shaded spot that catches the late afternoon and evening sun.  It is  protected by strong winds by the nearby Crataegus (quickthorn) hedge which helps shade it slightly.  This plant provides an early display of highly scented flowers.  The scent carries well on the air and is a great way to encourage me into the garden to see this plant in full display.  Flowering in late winter this Daphne species and its cultivars are such a joy.  Coming from the Himalayas th species are hardy and provide a semi evergreen shrub.  It and other daphnes within this plant group are often known as paper daphnes, as both paper and rope were once made from the sinewy bark.

As I have already mentioned I grow my daphne in a semi shaded spot though they are quite happy to be in full sun.  I find a semi shaded location provides the cool location it likes and generally find they dry out too much during the growing season if they are planted in full sun.  I try to keep it watered during the growing season as this plant likes plenty of moisture in the growing season, mulching also helps maintain the moisture levels around the roots and enriches the soil which I find helps improve the soil structure of my slightly heavy soil.

A great plant to use in a mixed border as it will generally reach about 1.2-1.5 m in height and will have a spread of about 1.2 m.  Availability is always a problem but if you see one buy it quickly and you will not be disappointed.


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