02-February Garden Tasks

Complete winter pruning of dormant plants such as cane berries, fruit trees, grapes, roses and wisteria. Hybrid-tea roses will bloom only on new wood. Cut them back one-third to one-half, leaving canes about 18 inches long. Cut above a swelling bud, pointing out from the center. Remove all suckers and dead wood. Prune climbing roses to remove twiggy growth and weak shoots. Prune canes that flowered last year to three or four buds. Do not delay because warm weather will send plants into a vigorous growth spurt which you want to direct by pruning. For more on how to prune roses, go to my blog under plant advice.

Give your greenhouse a good clean and increase water to any over- Wintered plants as they begin to grow away. Open the vents on warmer days to allow as much air through as possible.

Remove any remaining dead growth from herbaceous perennials taking care not to damage any new growth emerging.

Apply an organic fertiliser such as a pelleted chicken manure to the borders.

Clean paved area with suitable  patio cleaners to remove moss and algae.

If you have a vegetable garden now is the time to start planning what you wish to grow and either order seeds on line or visit your local garden centre to purchase them.



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